National Express Maintenance Teams Participate in Expert-Led IC Bus University Training Sessions

Anna Lam | 31 August, 2022 | NELLC

Tulsa, OK – National Express Maintenance team members recently participated in IC Bus University’s three-day training sessions at their school bus plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the training sessions, participants received hands-on training on how to service different engines, transmissions, and other bus components from various vendors. Representatives from each participating vendor led the trainings for their respective bus components. Two different training sessions were held: level one basic training for first-time attendees and level two advanced training for returning attendees.

National Express Team Members -IC Bus University Training
National Express Maintenance Team Members who participated in IC Bus University’s Level One Basic Training.

Training topics included, but were not limited to:

  • Allison Transmission and Diagnostics
  • Electrical 101
  • Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation
  • Gasoline and Diesel Engine Diagnostics
  • Starter and Alternator Systems
  • Wheelchair Lift
National Express Team Members - IC Bus University Training Level Two
National Express Maintenance Team Members who participated in IC Bus University’s Level Two Advanced Training.

To round up the training event, a friendly “Skills Competition Event” was held on the last day, where participants were tested on their maintenance skills. Lastly, participants were also given a tour of both IC Bus’ standard school bus and electric vehicle assembly plant to learn about the overall assembly process of both types of vehicles.

“Through this training, our team members had the opportunity to learn firsthand from experts in the field,” said Regis Rock, Manager of Technician Development at National Express. “They also were able to network with other fellow technicians, share best practices, and discuss challenges they face daily in the field. Taking what they’ve learned from the training, they can now pass on their knowledge and mentor their colleagues. Overall, it was a highly beneficial hands-on learning experience that has allowed our technicians to strengthen their position as leading experts in the industry.”