National Express Continues to Increase Its Team of ASE Certified Technicians and Prestigious Blue Seal Locations for Service Excellence

Anna Lam | 4 October, 2022 | Durham,NELLC

Lisle, IL – National Express LLC (NELLC) is proud to announce that six of its team members recently achieved Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician status, including one as a Quadruple ASE Master Technician. These individuals join a long, impressive list of other ASE certified technicians.

They are:

  • Anderson, M. – California (Quadruple ASE Master Technician)
  • Bramm, R – Illinois
  • Burkhart, R – Ohio
  • Joret, R. – Pennsylvania
  • MacLean, D. – Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Ricker, N – Ontario, Canada

A service location itself is also able to earn recognition through ASE’s Blue Seal of Excellence, one of the highest accolades within the automotive service industry. To achieve Blue Seal recognition, a minimum of 75% of technicians must be ASE certified at the location and must have ASE certified technicians for each area of service performed. Most recently, our locations in Everett, WA; Macomb, IL; Boston, MA; Temple Hills, MD; Durham, NC; and Oakland, CA renewed their Blue Seal of Excellence status, and our House Springs, MO, and Pickerington, OH, locations became newly qualified for the recognition. These renewals and new qualifications are noteworthy because they represent and signify the immense dedication our technicians have to their craft and maintenance excellence.

House Springs, Missouri, Team - Blue Seal Location
House Springs, Missouri, Team – Blue Seal Location


Pickerington, Ohio. Team - Blue Seal Location
Pickerington, Ohio. Team – Blue Seal Location

NELLC proudly supports the ASE certification of our technicians through our internal ASE Advantage Program. This distinguished program provides training and incentives for technicians who seek to be certified in all maintenance aspects of the transportation industry, including transit, student transportation, automotive, and inventory management.

ASE offers various tiers of individual certifications (ASE Certified Technician and ASE Master Technician) and industry recognition (Blue Seal of Excellence). To become an ASE Certified Technician, a technician must complete one or more individual certifications. Upon achieving the first level of certification, a technician can then achieve ASE Master Certification by earning all certifications in their vehicle class and passing a series of rigorous testing. These certified technicians are at the forefront of industry standards and are considered experts in their field. ASE describes master status as being “the best of the best”— the gold standard for technicians across the United States.

Since NELLC established its ASE Advantage Program, it has nearly doubled its number of Certified Technicians, Master Technicians, total company ASE certifications, and Blue Seal locations.

“National Express is dedicated to our technician’s continued growth and development. Part of this development is through supporting and encouraging ASE certifications, which are viewed by the service industry as a trustworthy symbol of technician credibility and supports our Company values,” said John Finn, SVP of Fleet Maintenance for National Express. “Our talented team of maintenance professionals have dedicated countless hours to earn these prestigious certifications. Their commitment to being the best-of-the-best in their field is a true example of our Company’s promise to put safe, reliable company-owned vehicles on the road.”

National Express’ Industry Leading ASE Advantage Program provides many benefits to their team members, including:

  • Free Training: National Express financially supports the preparation associated with a technician’s ASE certification(s).
  • Free Testing: National Express pays for the technician’s registration and test fees.
  • National Express supports 39 ASE certifications, including School Bus, Transit, Automotive, Med/Heavy Truck, and Parts Specialist.
  • Bonus Incentives: National Express Technicians are able to earn up to $6,400 in bonuses each year for their ASE certifications, Master Technician and Blue Seal achievements.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals. ASE Certified Technicians work in every part of the automotive service industry.