Durham School Services Donates School Bus to Firefighters to Receive Special Training for School Bus Emergency Rescues in Missouri

Anna Lam | 25 November, 2020 | Next

Maplewood, MO – Durham School Services, a leader in student transportation, has donated a school bus to the Maplewood Fire Department in Maplewood, Missouri, used for multijurisdictional fire department extrication training.  Clayton, Brentwood, and Richmond Heights fire departments recently combined forces with Maplewood Fire Department for the set-up of training using our school bus to review extrication and lifting techniques to safely check access in the event of an actual emergency involving a school bus.

Firefighters from four fire departments took part in an emergency training session dealing with school bus accidents.Bottom of Form  “It is always an honor to work and partner with our local fire departments to provide a bus for their emergency training; we had one available that had been decommissioned for their use at our location in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  The possibility of an accident involving a bus and students is rare. Still, a challenging reality, and over 100 firefighters from four fire departments, in Central Missouri, learned how to tackle the unique situation,” said Lucy Kalkman, SVP/COO, Central Region, Durham School Services.

The 24-hour training program was spread out over six days, and provided over 100 firefighters with an opportunity to learn about the design and composition of school buses, as well as how to apply their skills and tools to the larger, stronger vehicles.  This opportunity provided them the skillset on how to safely secure the bus and remove children safely”, said Terry Merrell, Fire Chief of Maplewood Fire Department. “These skills are essential to be able to remove children involved in serious bus accidents safely.”

The Maplewood Fire Department hosted the training course with support from Clayton, Brentwood, and Richmond Heights fire departments.  Firefighters from these four fire departments all participated in the training.  Transportation of the decommissioned bus was provided free of charge by Terry’s Towing in Maplewood, Missouri.

“This training could not occur without the support of companies, like Durham School Services, who are willing to donate old decommissioned buses.  We thank them very much for their generosity.  We also thank Terry’s Towing for their assistance.  It will allow us to be ready in the event an accident does occur,” said Lieutenant Matt Wilcox, Maplewood Fire Department.